Since graduating from college, Kiyah’s career has evolved and evolved again, yet she has never lost sight of her goal: to use her unique hairstyle and make up skills to reach a level of popularity beyond her peers.

This is how she has managed to do just that, as Kiyah is now an essential part of several reality shows, including her own series, The Best of Kiyah: Hair. With her unique styling and makeup, the “kings of hair” are a force to be reckoned with.

Her mother’s death had a profound effect on Kiyah, and she became motivated to become the best stylist she could possibly be.

Kiyah started her salon .Kiyah now has a staff of three people, all women with professional degrees, who work together under Kiyah’s guidance. Kiyah’s salon features a variety of styles to suit all clientele.

The Salon specializes in natural hair styling, with a strong focus on natural hair for a healthier lifestyle. Kiyah is always on the lookout for talented, natural hair stylists who are passionate about their work.

Kiyah is also passionate about the importance of diversity and representation of people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

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