This page was once about Nigel Stanislaus and Renya Xydis who certainly made great hair styles. However, your look is not just about your hair but your skin matters as well.

Now, there is plenty of makeup out there no doubt. There are many brands as well as many price categories. Australia might not have everything you are looking for but generally availability is pretty good.

Now, imagine your skin was significantly darker than that of the majority of Australians. Do you think the availability would be the same? Or, do a lot of the ranges cut off at a reasonably light tone? Just revisit in your mind the last time you looked at makeup at a chemist or a supermarket.

But, times are changing. As Australia is becoming more and more connected to the world, so it is becoming easier to find e.g. bb cream for dark skin. The women who have been struggling to find the right tone of makeup to match their skin will certainly feel a sense of relief.

Let’s hope that the trend continues and Behind The Look doesn’t stay the only place that raises awareness for this cause. Only if the market really improves to the point where the availability of makeup for dark skin is on par with that for lighter skin tones, will people even be able to consider things like this.


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